Sara A. Dutschke - Headshot - CCTCA new

Tribal Chairwoman Sara Dutschke is currently serving as the Vice Chairperson of the CCTCA.

Rounding out her first term as Chairwoman of the Ione Band of Miwok Indians, Sara’s career in Indian country has given her a keen awareness of the challenges facing Indian Country.

Sara served as a staff member of the BIA’s Pacific Regional Office for nearly a decade, where she focused on federal land acquisitions, administration, forestry, and fire-related issues. Near the end of her federal service, Sara completed a juris doctorate in Indian law and began her career as a lawyer, where she has advised and supported tribal clients on complex matters involving tribal sovereignty and governance, government-to-government-relations, and business and economic development. Sara’s dedication to tribal sovereignty and cultural preservation is the result of many years listening to the stories of tribal elders who laid the strong foundation on which tribes rest today.

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